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Principal, KIS Pune

Education for me has been a reason to give me better expressions, career, character and life just happens as a result. For children in school always try and create an environment of enquiry, give them freedom to try and have more opportunities to see and experience mutual respect, commitment to work, value given to materials and the minds around.

Knowledge and information is something anyone can acquire, but giving an environment to nurture the knowledge and create a new ‘you’, keep rediscovering and re-creating that ‘you’, is what I keep building every academic and curricular plan with.

I encourage a culture where students, teachers and parents stop pointing at each other and point to the fact that we are partners in this journey, let’s share, let’s learn from each other, let’s work together when we see there are some discomforts. I encourage a culture where the experience of learning is joyful, exciting, well retained and remembered.

We are shaping an institution to build sensitive characters who learn about the world issues and work towards it.

 It’s easier to think like all, it’s difficult to think like yourself. That’s the aim for all young minds whom we attempt to shape at Kothari International School .

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