Indrayu Cricket Club

It’s time to play your all-time favorite bat-ball game at "Indrayu"

Indrayu sports academy now introducing “Indrayu Cricket Club” for our aspiring young sportsman’s.Along with other major sports at Indrayu, we are ready to welcome you toIndrayu cricket Club with all advanced types of equipment which benefits in cricket.

Indrayu Cricket Club offers master class skill coaching with our trained sportsteachers. Students will also get to play practice matches which will help them to sharpen up their skills. Playing cricket on a good pitch can add value tothe game. At Indrayu cricket club, Turf Wicket Cricket Ground is specially designed for enhancing skill and technique of cricket players.

We have introduced an open gym in the club premises where students can warm-up and exercise before starting cricket sessions. Indrayu Cricket Club is equipped with advanced bowling machine which enables batsmen to practice and hone their skills. In our advanced types of equipment, we have also included a speed gun that will measure the speed of the ball. Video analysis of play will provide training boost to an individual and team also.

This addition to our, after school sports programme is aimed to motivate students towards sports.


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