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Math Lab

Kothari International School has introduce Mathematics Laboratory in such a way that it provides an opportunity for student to understand and internalize the basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects and situation. It enables the students to verify or discover several geometrical  properties and facts using models or by paper cutting and folding technique. It provides greater scope for individual participation in the process of learning and becoming autonomous learner. It provides scope for greater involvement of both the mind and the hand which facilitate cognition. The lab allows and encourages student to think, discuss with each other and the teacher to demonstrate, explain and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete, projects, models, charts, graphs, pictures, posters etc.

Math Lab
Group Learning

Science Lab

Kothari International School has collaborated with Tata Edge – Curiosity Quest for the science lab in school. Curiosity quest is a high impact program that  transforms the curriculum into in-classroom hands-on learning. It starts from grade 1 where students learn science by exploring activities and doing experiments on the current classroom topics.

The beautifully design curiosity kit makes it convenient and learner friendly while exploring class activities.


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