Awards and Accolades

Accredited by British Council

Acing 21st-century skills.

School education is beyond just reading books and rote-learning, which is why we went a step ahead and inculcated 21st-century learning skills to bring out the best in children with innovative educational practices.

Accreditation with British Council for the time period 2019-2022 inspires us towards bringing a pedagogical shift in perspective within classrooms. We thank parents and our well-wishers for showering us with constant support and trust.

Awarded as 'The best school in implying arts'

Making a mark with Art.

Living by what Pablo Picasso said- “every child is an artist”;

we have always strived to bring out the best of our student’s artistic skills through the implementation of experimental art practices instead of traditional teaching methods.

Being awarded as a ‘The best school in implying Art’ by Indian School Awards, makes us proud of our distinct approach in education

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