Why Consider Admission at KIS for Your Child?

why kis | Kothari International School in PuneKothari International School offers a holistic learning experience for your little ones. One of the best CBSE schools in Kharadi, the curriculum combines the latest technologies, advanced teaching techniques and a conducive learning environment. In fact, the school offers a challenging academic environment to every student that equally emphasizes learning, social, physical as well as personal growth. With high academic standards, KIS also focuses on fulfilling the potential of students both inside and outside the classrooms. The result is, therefore, that when students step out to seek the next step of education, they are well-equipped with the knowledge, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities and useful skills required in our global culture.


Nurturing Minds


As educators, we believe that it is our responsibility to nurture and develop every student to their maximum potential and assist them to become lifelong learners. Here, students are encouraged to appreciate diversity and develop an active respect for our environment. We constantly help them to become self-directed, responsible and realistic decision makers with the ability to solve any problem in this ever-changing multicultural world.

We’re always collaborating with the best educators, parents, administrators and leaders to improve the quality of communication, learning techniques and co-curricular activities to deliver an outstanding schooling experience to every child.




As the best school of Pune, we have invested in quality infrastructure to deliver a world-class learning experience to our students. We have practical labs for science lovers, a tablet lab for young learners, a gymnastics area for developing a healthy body and a play area to have fun! We also have the best daycare facility in Pune for little ones and offer a home away from home to your dear children. Our computer lab is great to embrace new technologies while the basketball court is amazing for sports recreation. Want to instil a love for reading in your little one? Our library is the perfect place to sit and read!


Teaching Process


We focus on all-round importance at KIS. Here, the role of teachers isn’t confined to imparting education but extends as guides, mentors, and even challengers at times. We give our students lots of formal and informal learning opportunities; wherein practical learning gives them the wings to explore their dreams. We also teach humane values and a contemporary outlook to help our students become confident and responsible citizens of the future. All the values instilled by our founder are regularly imparted to students so that we can promote their moral, spiritual and ethical development.


Academics & Sports

We invite school admission in Pune from kindergarten to Grade 8. Every step of the academics is designed to make our students critical and compassionate thinkers. We integrate science, technology, mathematics, social sciences and more to develop their communication and expressive abilities. The languages focus on developing a love for reading and understanding the nuances of grammar to be experts in every language we teach. Projects and activities are an integral part of our curriculum, and so is sports, music and creative arts. As parents, when you look for a school that perfectly balances education with sports, recreation and creativity, you will find KIS ticks all the boxes.

Ready to take school admission in Pune for your little one? Contact us at 8447640650 to set up a consultation and see how we can design an impeccable future for your child at Kothari International School.


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