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In a nation's economic growth, new knowledge shall be the key driver to attain higli quality of life for every citizen. Nations that borrow or buy knowledge will be a disadvantage in competition with the creators.Our country once known to be innovat in creating new frontiers of knowledge drifted away somewhere down the i: this context that we need to retook and redesign the ways in which we trans learning in our classrooms.We at KIS realise the need to empower our students with abilities to visualise and create.We need to engage our students in learning with purpose to enhance their higher order abilities to think. It is, therefore, imperative us to shift from rote-memorisation centric learning to learning to think and do.

We plan to make our schools digital and support progressive learning to ensure that every student learns effectively at every stage. The focus of assessment will be to identify the learning levels of each student and personalise teaching through flexible transaction of curriculum. We will strive to provide opportunities for our student's to explore and discover the depth concepts and their application skills.

As a need in the current times and for the benefit of student's success, parent partnership is the key to good schooling.At KIS we recognise this and invite active parent participation in the education of your child. We believe that this partnership will hep the evolution of the school into a progressive educational innovative center.While we feel delighted with the progress made, we assure you that we will not rest on our laurels but work towards improving the quality always.

By entrusting your child to the care of the competent KIS fraternity,you will be making a lifetime choice!

G S Madhav Rao

Chief Executive Officer

Synergy School Systems

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